Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lassie, Go Home!

So, I noticed that today on Yahoo, they were discussing some Oscar nominees...
(Swiped from the Yahoo.com page.)

They listed "The Descendents," and "Moneyball," and something called "The Artist," (which I had previously, if incorrectly, dismissed as another film about that funny, little, purple guy formerly known as Prince.)
(Uh, WRONG!!!)

But as I read the article, it hit me... Holy Crap! That looks like Crosby!

(I actually think Crosby is more handsome!)

I knew it! My dog, Crosby, could be in movies and earning his keep around here! (Instead of freeloading and squatting like some deadbeat hippie!)

That, OR he has been moonlighting instead of going to his Doggie Daycare.

If this is the case, I better be extra nice to him, you know, in case he wins the Oscar!

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