Sunday, September 20, 2009

Why Bavaria ROCKS!!!

The whole region. It just simply rocks. It is almost as if it was designed for great gags, funny photos or some damned interesting sight-seeing!

Let us take a little hypothetical road trip to illustrate my point.

We'll begin at Kissing. (Kissing, Germany.)

From Kissing, its a long, long road, but if persistent, we will eventually get to Petting, (Petting, Germany.) And Petting is a lot of fun. A lot like Kissing, but more to do.

It may have taken some time to get from Kissing to Petting, but it was worth it. Not just because of the wondrous things right at your fingertips, but because now we are so close to Fucking, (Fucking, Austria, that is.) And Fucking is great. Much better than Petting, though Petting is quite nice.

So we go north. You know you are well on your way once you get into Tittmoning. Its just a little further on.

And then here we are. Beautiful Fucking. You’re going to like Fucking. Hey! Let’s make a day of it. There are so many different ways to enjoy Fucking. It really is terrific! I love it.

(There is a bit of scandal in this quaint little town, though. Apparently, the Fucking mayor has been trying to get the Fucking police to stop all the Fucking tourists from stealing the Fucking street signs. Apparently, they are highly sought-after Fucking souvenirs!)

Incidentally, if you get to Petting and things aren’t going quite as you planned, you can always turn south instead. And have a fine time for yourself by going to Wank for a little while.

That’s always fun, too. (Wank, Germany, of course.)

auf Wiedersehen,


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