Monday, November 8, 2010

Hidden Images

Those graphic designers are sneaky bastards! (Oh, I said it!)

Often, they will sneak in a hidden image into an otherwise innocent logo for a private joke.
This brief collection will illustrate just what I mean...

Yeah, this first one is really sneaky! Try to see it as one person instead of two!


With the name, "A-Style," I am not sure that this one isn't intentional!

Okay, this is just silly! How did they NOT see that?!?

Ouch. Very, VERY unfortunate logo here.

This one is just great. I just look at it and laugh!

A more immature mind would have seen the flaw in this design.

Another incredibly unfortunate design, especially given that it is a priest, (but in fairness, this design came out decades before that whole "clergy scandal"-thing.)

And my all time favorite...

By the way, if you have a difficult time seeing the hidden design in the above logo, or in any of the logos shown here, then congratulations! You are a better person than me...

(...Not like that is a high bar or anything.)

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