Monday, July 11, 2011

The Best Defense...

"Defensive Driving” is fine and dandy for some, but if you live in a higher population density area,

like I do, you get a lot more total a-holes on the road, and frankly, defensive driving and polite roadway etiquette is not always possible, (Mother Theresa would be flipping someone the bird if she drove through my old neighborhood!)

So, it just makes sense that SOME ‘reactions’ should be permitted by law. Not ‘Road Rage’ incidents, just simple causality.

Here now, is my list of SUGGESTED responses to assorted traffic infractions.

Y'know, thinking it through, if everybody responded to bad-driving scenarios like this, incidents of such poor road practices would probably decrease, thereby making a safer driving experience for us, and our children.

And don't the children deserve it?

Sponsored by the Chris Toler for President Campaign

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