Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Great Beyond

Years ago, I decided to put the premise of my never-to-see-the-light-of-day comic strip, The Great Beyond to verse for its submission to the newspaper comic strip syndicates.

Sadly, (for me anyways,) the comic strip Syndicates, in their wisdom, decided against The Great Beyond as mass consumption accessible. They didn’t say anything like, “It’s too risqué!” or “People aren’t ready for such a concept,” or even “It sucks,” they just returned it, thanked me and said they would let me know. Filthy liars. (But I harbor no ill will against them, may they rot in Hell.)

In any case, waste not, want not. Here is that poetic injustice, the premise of The Great Beyond, in its either risqué, unready or sucky state. Whatever.


"Mr. Taylor, on his day of reckoning,

Saw a hooded figure beckoning,

To take him for his final evaluation.

An occasional liar, thief and cheater, 

He now stood before St. Peter

And hoped his good points were enough for his salvation.


Well, he had earned the right

To live within the Light

And dwell among the heavenly harp players,

But for his sins while alive

Be had to work nine-to-five, 

Washing dishes, in the kitchen, downstairs.


"Forty hours weekly in The Pit!"

He thought to himself, "Oh Darn!"

But still things could've been much worse.

Washing dishes isn't as bad

As some other jobs he'd had,

Before he got run over by that hearse."

I am still on the fence about publishing that strip here. Aside from the fact that it is from some 15 years ago, and some of the gags are a bit out of date, I don't know if anyone would really be interested. 

Here, though, is the cast of major characters from the second page of the book that I made and sent to the syndicates for their prompt dismissal...

P.S. A shout out to "!"  Did you guys catch that?

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