Saturday, April 3, 2010

Paint the House?

Yup. April is here and with it, nice weather and my wife's annual list of chores to ruin it.

This year, she informs me that I am painting the house. Our current coat of paint is a fairly bland, weather-worn shade of Union Blue, I am assuming period to the house's 1831 date of origin.

But I don't want to just paint it for the sake of getting a sunburn. I want something DIFFERENT!
A few color schemes were bandied about, but then a thought struck me: Why must we go with solids?

So I fired up the Photoshop and tried a few combinations...

The Tartan House:
Yeah, Baby! The mad, bad, plaid pad. In a variation of the MacGregor Tartan, in honor of my father's Scottish heritage.

Casa de Paisley:
Subtle, understated, yet classy. This just hollers sophisticated, doesn't it?

The Alo-house:
This is my favorite. It can make the bleakest of New England days a tropical luau.

Tribal Abode:
Eye-catching, sure. But a little on the hip & trendy side. And frankly, I am way past the "rave-crowd" age. Pass.

The Van Gogh Home:
C'mon. This is pretty cool, right? Slightly pretentious, I grant you, but still, well on the neat-o side.

Fort Camo:
Unfortunately, with this paint-job, the Chinese Food delivery guy will NEVER find my house!


  1. Gosh, I can't decided. It's either the Classic Paisley or the Hawaiian print. When you are done with your house, my house could use a new paint job too....I like tiny pale pink polka dots on a dark gray background...just sayin'.

  2. You may have to talk to my wife. She has me pretty booked, but I am sure she could squeeze your house into my schedule...

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