Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Why Great Britain ROCKS!!!

Back in September, I posted "Why Bavaria ROCKS!!!" and had a hard time believing such names existed.

Well, apparently, that is nothing! Great Britain has some of the most unexpected place names going! And unlike Bavaria, these have ALWAYS been in English!

No consistency to the Queen's tongue, eh? (Oooh! THAT sounded dirty!)

Here's what I mean:

I'm not making these up! See:

I was going to try to connect these sights in a logical manner, suitable for touring, but frankly, there are just too many!

And here are a few more!!!

And, before I turn in for the night, I need to get out the old "Cock & Pullet!"

What did you think I meant?


  1. Wouldn't all these towns make great names for micro-brewed beer? I can see the labels now!

  2. Maybe not ALL!

    I would definitely try a "Fingringhoe Stout," or a "Twatt Ale," but I may pass on a "Foulness Pilsner!"


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