Friday, April 2, 2010


Last July, I wrote about a really nice little ukulele that I had apparently purchased one evening whilst "in my cups!"

I still enjoy playing this instrument, (although, not many others can say that THEY enjoy my playing!) and have no regrets about purchasing it, but I am not sure if I would have done so had I not refilled my glass quite so many times that evening!

Oh well. "Lesson learned," right?

Hmmm. Apparently not. Enter Ebay. I do enjoy Ebay. I don't always RECALL enjoying Ebay, but how can you NOT dig that PayPalone-click shopping! No need for focusing, or clear-headedness. Just "click!" and you are surrendering to impulse.

The following is a short list of items that I acquired whlie E.W.I., ('Ebaying While Intoxicated.') Let my shame be your enjoyment.

My "Posable" Elvis doll.
A little over 6 inches tall, sporting his 1973 "Aloha from Hawaii" (strictly coincidence, I swear!), white, bedazzled jumpsuit. This is fully posable, as long as you pose Elvis EXACLY the way you see him above.

Billy Beer!
This is CLEARLY not something I would have bought had a clearer head prevailed. "Y'know, I could really go for a 33 year old beer brewed by a guy who drank Pabst Blue Ribbon."

The Mayor McCheese "Action Figure"
This one took me by surprise, I gotta admit. I thought that I dreamed buying this. A really good laugh when I unsuspectedly open this package!
This is for sale, by the way, if anybody is interested.

I also discovered OTHER purchases that I thought I would share here. This time from iTunes, (maybe I need an "i.W.I." posting, too!)

A bunch of songs by The Monkees.
Fortunately, I am a Monkees fan.


  1. Let's take this step-by-step...

    Numero Uno: The ukulele is very cool! I would love for you to post a vlog as you play Stairway to Heaven.

    Numero Two-o: I'm an Elvis girl, so I totally understand this purchase.

    Numero Three-o: Drinking PBR, is that a bad thing?

    Numero Four-o: I question your judgment.

    Numero Five-o: Don't you know? You can convert YouTube to Mp3 for FREE!

    Have a nice weekend!!!

  2. Hey Me-Me!
    1. Y'know, "Stairway" sounds really good on the Uke!

    2. ...So do a lot of Elvis' songs!

    3. PBR: Yeah. Yeah it is.

    4. My judgement was highly questionable in purchasing this. It's for sale, by the way! Did I mention that?

    5. At the time of that purchase, I probably didn't possess the mental acuity and focus required to convert YouTube vids to Mp3s!


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