Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More Photoshop: Featuring ME!!

Still a lazy bastard at heart, I slapped together another post that required almost no additional work on my part !

But, since I DID once put some work into making these PhotoShop pix, I figger I will get the most out of 'em!

Hey, look at me! I'm recycling! (How "green!")


Here's me drinking with the Banana Splits. This is a "panel of experts" pop-up from my drinks recipes blog, "The Greatest Drink in the World... This Week."
Drooper is so shitfaced in that picture.

This is the picture from my "Eomancy" post from March of 2009. It was to help illustrate my particular psychic gift...

I made this a while back out of boredom. I never used it for anything and thusly it has no title.
I think I was hungry at the time...

ChiaChris: One of the shopped photos from my "Twelve Things for Christmas" post/song from last December.

With Christmas fast approaching, I should remind folks that I
still feel this way!

Bosom Buddy
Um, yeah...
This needs some explaining... A friend started dating a woman with a HUGE rack. So, being the bastard that I am, I sent the above picture, hoping to rob some of his enjoyment by have this image pop into his head at just the right moment...

Eat Me!
Again, probably hungry while PhotoShopping!
This pic is sort of like a back-up avatar of mine, right after that goofy-looking angel!

Chris Dog
There is something just a little obscene about this one.
You have a difficult time looking at it, don't you? Be honest!

Dentist, My Ass
Obviously from last December. From my "Letters to Santa" series.
but the sentiment is true...

It ain't over. More PhotoShoppery is due, sooner or later.


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