Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy New Year


New year, resolutions, ideas, yakketa-yakketa...

I have been considering doing a blog for some time now, not necessarily to write out my passing thoughts, (because, frankly, my passing thoughts aren't all fit for the consumption of others!), but as a place to store some of the things I have done, (writings, artwork, comic strips, etc.,) that I am not quite ready to completely chuck out. 

It was with this mentality that I chose my blog's name, a place to store crap that is not immediately important, a "virtual" crawlspace for things electronic or otherwise that I may either discard or refer to sometime in the future, but not yet. 

So, to anyone who may happen upon this, welcome to my attic. Feel free to look around and voice any opinions, comments, disagreements, suggestions, death threats, love-letters, etc.

Happy New Year,

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