Thursday, July 16, 2009

SDH Spectacles

Yet another life-improving invention idea, from straight outta my head, of all places...

SDH Glasses...

While watching a movie one day, (as I am wont to frequently do,) I couldn't help considering the subtitles, (AKA Closed Caption, and the newer acronym, "SDH," Subtitled for the Deaf and Hard-of Hearing) and how they could be applied to everyday life.

It occurred to me that subtitles could be used to improve real life, not just the often-superior movies, for those who could benefit from them. Technologies currently exist that could be incorporated together to make functional, non-obtrusive, captioning devices for the Hearing Impaired. 

A pair of eyeglasses could be fit with a small directional microphone. Very focused to cut down on interference, and small enough to be concealed. Technologically speaking, this is really no big deal. An old idea that has been really perfected. (Directional Microphone.) 

This, however, could lead directly to a "speech-to-text" processor; a simple, currently available piece of technology, (my sister owned something like this in college for her computer so simply dictate her papers. Kinda neat.) (Speech to Text.)

Lastly, the text generated by this could be presented on a heads-up display directly on the lenses of the glasses. Heads-up display technology is common these days, but apparently HUD-on-eyeglasses has already developed as well for the use of pilots, firefighters, rich computer nerds, etc. (HUD Glasses.)

Put them all together, and the result, a hearing-impaired individual need only be looking at the speaker, (common courtesy, anyways,) or source of sound, (movie theatre screen, play, radio, etc.,) to have his or her eyeglasses convert it to a subtitle readable on the inside of the glasses. Pretty snazzy, eh?

The result: Deaf and hearing-impaired people could experience life with the same degree of quality as when they experience movies at home. 

And let's face it, movies at home is really pretty damned good.

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