Saturday, August 8, 2009

How will YOU be "Rocked?"

The question comes up throughout the day more frequently than one is usually comfortably with. Turning to pop music for the answers, one comes up with the following likelihood chart.

If, in fact, being rocked is in your immediate future, this pie chart shows you the chances of what that “rocking” might be like.

♪  Like A Hurricane, 44%

♪ All Night, (And Party Every Day), 27%

♪ Around The Clock, 12%

♪ Amadeus, 5%

♪ Like A Wagon Wheel, 4%

♪ Tonight, 3%

♪ Eternally, 2%

♪ To The Ground, 1%

♪ Gently, and/or Slowly, 0.4%

Good luck and be careful! Rock responsibly!


  1. Nice pie chart. Good to know all the inservices on data collection have served you well.
    Julie P

  2. Finally a practical application!


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