Friday, August 21, 2009

Postcards from the Road

Many years ago, back when my Goddaughter, Shawna, was still a young child, I used to send her postcards from wherever I was visiting.

During one trip out west, I saw this postcard of “The Jackalope:"

I knew this was more interesting than my trip, so I decided that I would send her postcards like this, educational, informative, entertaining and existing almost entirely in a fictitious world from my very own melon.

From that same trip...

Montezuma's Castle, Camp Verde, AZ:

I considered myself, "Traveling Uncle Toler" and sent a card whenever I was away, and I carried this tradition on with my nephew as time went by. It might mess up their grades in school if they were to ever use these as a reference, but I think it is often more interesting than the real world, and it is important to show kids alternative perspectives...

I no longer have these postcards, they were mailed to her years ago, (and she probably still has them!!!) but I decided I could reproduce them accurately enough now and post them here, just for S&G!

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