Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Write Your Own Theme Song!

Holy Son of a Moly! One Hundred Posts! Who said I'd never accomplish anything? (Oh yeah, that was my high school guidance counsellor, my father, most teachers, the parish priest... the list goes on, but who can be bothered to finish something like that.) In any case, for my one hundredth post, I decided to give something back to the community. I little plan that might make the whole world just a little bit brighter.

I call this plan, "Write Your Own Theme Song!"

I love sitcoms. From my (albeit, skewed,) perspective, sitcoms rate up there as one of America’s greatest contributions to the world of entertainment, right alongside Major League Baseball, presidential scandals, mocking the French, and of course, Humor Blogs.

Sitcoms’ theme songs are so cool, too. Especially the late sixties, early seventies shows like “Gilligan’s Island,” “Beverly Hillbillies,” “The Brady Bunch,” et cetera. They used their theme songs to bring an audience “up to speed.” A first time viewer could listen to the opening song and immediately know what was going on and who was involved.

Oh, I see. They are stuck on an island! And what an assortment of personalities. Hilarity must ensue!

So comforting.

Now, I do not mean to imply that these songs were formulaic, but there WAS a specific formula that was used almost without fail, (okay, maybe I do mean to imply they were formulaic.) But if these opening themes could express a situation so succinctly, and let a person know the what was happening and who was who in a minute or two, then maybe people could benefit from having one.

It was with this philanthropic idea, (“What a swell guy!”) that I put together a few simple lines to help out those literarily-challenged individuals in composing a theme song of their very own.

Simply select a line for each corresponding, lettered space in the following verses and there you have it! Your own theme song. Think of it as a musical "Mad-Libs."

Give it a whack!

Of course, I don't want people to limit themselves to my verses! These are just offered out to those who want them to share the story of their own 'situation.'

Just my way of giving back to society.

"Y'all come back, now. Y'hear?"
Your humble author with his "Lady Friend" and costars on the set of her show.

"CHRIS! is the one, sweeter than a sticky bun,
CHRIS! is the one, working hard... and having fun.


  1. Now, that was fun! I have a couple of people I'll write about and feature on my blog - that is if Dufus doesn't scoop me first!

    Happy 100th post and many more!!!

  2. Aww, Shucks!

    Seriously, though, thank you, Margo!
    Truly a compliment coming from you!

  3. Great idea, and indeed, personalized theme songs are the right of all sentient beings.

  4. Yeah! We're just exercising our rights!


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