Thursday, February 4, 2010

Even More Random Thoughts

➸ Had the Cowardly Lion seen the Wizard and gotten his courage one week prior to meeting Dorothy and her companions, he would have torn them up that day in the forest and the movie would have been over after the first 45 minutes!

➸ Products I’d like to see: Faux Fu: The tofu substitute for the soy sensitive.

Products I’d love to see: 100-Calorie Servings of Edible Undies: For the weight-conscious AND experimentally libidinous...

➸ I think the most discriminated group of people in this country is Bigots; Racists, ageists, anti-Semites, anyone can slander, bad mouth, refuse to serve “their kind,” or mistreat them with complete impunity.

Is being prejudice against bigots irony, or hypocrisy?

➸ A recent realization: I am not bald. I am an “Infra-redhead.” My hair can’t be seen by the human eye.

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