Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Yesterday, I took photos of my goldfish.

The fish in my tank, (and stars of today's post,) include:

So named because he had a habit of floating upside down for hours on end, and we kept wondering, "Do we flush him? Do we keep him? Dewey?"

Sammy is the most recent addition to the tank. A redhead, Sammy was shy at first. Now, not so much.

And Winston.

My Winston.

So named due to his resemblance to Winston Churchill...

Winston would wait at the bottom of the tank, and come swimming to greet me when I came home.

No, wait! I am serious! The fishtank faces the front door, and before I would even be in the house, he would recognize me and swim up to greet me!

My wife said that she would come in and she was kinda annoyed that he would ignore her! And then when "Daddy" came in, Boom! Right there; blowing me kisses.

I was so impressed with Winston's ability to discern me from my wife, that this post WAS going to be entitled, "Some Fish," (paraphrasing the web-based message from Charlotte's web,) and brag all about my little Einstein of the piscine world.

I was going to wrap it up with my idea about teaching Winston tricks. I was going to try to teach him so fetch, to roll over et cetera. My final punchline in this posting was going to be how I was not going to try to teach him to play dead, as Dewey totally nailed that months ago.

I had plans to write this as I left work this afternoon.

Sadly, as I came home today, hoping to see if he would spring up to see me, like he always did, Winston was, in fact, passed on.

Today's posting is dedicated to his memory, easily the smartest fish I have ever known, and among my favorite pets ever.

R.I.P. Winston


  1. Sorry to hear about Winston's demise. May he rest in peace.

  2. So sorry about the loss of Winston. You might say that never before, have so many owed so much to one fish.

  3. Thank you for your kind words.

    No man should have to outlive his goldfish.


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