Monday, March 1, 2010

March. What a sucky month.

So today starts off March.

What sucks about March is it is a very long month. It has no school vacations, no major holidays, and depending on where you are, geographically, (and, I guess, emotionally!,) it is cold and dark.

Plus, if you, like your humble author, live in a region that practices Daylight Savings, you lose one hour of your life.

It is no wonder that, statistically, people are three times more likely to choke the living shit out of a co-worker in March than in any other month. I don't make this stuff up. That is a statistic.

There is one shining highlight to the month, and that is the 17th. Saint Patrick's Day.

According to the Toler Holiday Rubrick™ Saint Patrick's Day possesses enough awesome holiday elements to make it second in general overall awesomeness only to Christmas!
(Graphs don't lie, people!)

And you don't even have to be Irish to celebrate it, we welcome you anyways..

So, it is in the spirit of Saint Patrick's Day, that we embrace this shining star of light in an otherwise dark and gloom-filled month, and celebrate The Seventeen Days of St. Patrick.



  1. Hey, I love your chart. I am concerned about one thing though - the lack of music and fireworks. Nothing rocks a holiday like Jimi Hendrix and bottle rockets.

  2. I agree that Hendrix and rockets can make a so-so occasion excellent, but by music I mean specific to the day: Christmas songs, Halloween/scary songs and Irish music.

    I guess one could tack some John Phillip Sousa on to Independence Day...


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