Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Luck of the Irish, part 2

Since first posting my ‘Luck of the Irish’ story, I have received many

suggestions on ideas to track down my lost lucky Florin. Some were pretty silly, (a metal detector? Indoors? Jeez.) Some more practical, and pretty easy to do, (a divining rod! Who’da thunk it?) And some were simply stereotypical, anti-Irish attacks, (“Lucky Charms cereal," Kristine? Be serious!)

The results were that I found, (or “divined,”) a shitload of strange coins here in my house!

A Susan B. Anthony dollar, a Sacagawea dollar, A William Henry Harrison dollar, (I didn't even know those existed!), an "AA 24 Hours Sober" coin, a pile of various gaming tokens, and even a square, 5-Florin Coin from Aruba! But alas, no lucky 2-shilling piece.

And then, like a stroke of genius, the idea hit me like a flashback born of way too many drugs in my gloriously misspent youth; Boom! "Brady knows best."

In my head, the music came up; “Here’s the story, of a lovely lady...”

March, 1970, episode 25 of the first season finds little Jan

receiving a locket from an anonymous sender and everyone plays detective to find out who sent it.

But, (and here is where it gets interesting,) she loses it! Peter suggests that everyone re-enact the events leading up to “crime.” The whole family was meticulous in the re-enactments... And it worked. Jan’s locket was found.

So, I too, must recreate the events of the night that my 1965 Florin coin arrived in order to find out where I put it.

I began by ordering a new coin. This time, I went with an Irish 1965 penny, a (“Lucky Penny!”) I made sure to drink exactly the same amount of whiskey as I did the first time, and, as much as I wanted to drink from my Mayor McCheese glass tonight, it was Ronald then, so it was Ronald now.

Sláinte! (Work, work, work!)

I watched the same movies, I sang the same songs, I got into the same argument with the missus, everything was going perfectly...

I think. Things started to get a little foggy about the time Egon was once again explaining about giant Twinkie of paranormal activity...

And... Chris: Out.

So, I am not sure if the experiment was a success or not. I DID completely re-enact the series of events precisely, (just like those Brady kids!) and I WAS able to force the the exact same outcome.

Now my new penny is missing.

Crap. So is all of my whiskey.


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