Sunday, March 7, 2010

Facts about Leprechauns*

As I had mentioned previously, there is NO shortage of films in this series. Warwick Davis returns as that lovable, homicidal, folkloric icon in "Leprechaun 2."

The following list of "facts", comes from this first sequel, (although not completely consistent with the previous list.)

1. Leprechauns can live for thousands of years and will take mortals as slaves.

2. A leprechaun can possess any woman if she sneezes three times and no one says, "God bless you!" (She sneezes once, she sneezes twice. She'll be mine when she sneezes thrice!")
And obviously, still speak in Underdog-like rhyme.

3. A leprechaun can turn invisible. (This must be why they are so damned hard to catch!)

4. Leprechauns can use their shillelaghs, (walking stick/cudgel,) as both a compass AND a 'Gold Detector!" (Screw the pot of gold coins! You catch one of these guys, take the stick!)

5. A Leprechaun can only be killed by wrought iron. (I know what I said in the previous list! But this is the updated facts list!)

So, there you are. "The more you know," "forewarned is forearmed," and various other appropriate summations to be inserted here!


  1. There are times I wish I could turn invisible. Damn leprechauns, they have all the luck.

  2. Maybe yes, but with THAT complexion, maybe we are the lucky ones that he can be invisible!

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