Friday, March 5, 2010

Scotland (You Owe Us)

After Flogging Molly cracked the mainsteam arena and started going all "Warped Tour," the L.A. bar, Molly Malone's, (from where the band took it's name!) need a new house band. A number of acts stepped up. Among them "The Mighty Regis."

As part of the 17 Days of Saint Patrick, I decided to included the lyrics to the spoken rant in the song, Scotland, (You Owe Us,) by The Mighty Regis.

By The Mighty Regis off the album “Another Nickel For The Pope .”

...If not for the Irish you wouldn’t be free!

“Now, here’s what I mean by that. In 1994, there was a movie called ‘Braveheart,’ starring and directed by Mr. Mel Gibson, in which he portrayed William Wallace, Scotland’s high protector and the man who freed Scotland from the clutches of England.

But there’s a pivotal scene in this movie, if you remember, where William Wallace is out hunting for some deer, and out of the clear blue Scottish wilderness comes Steven, one of his high captains, an Irishman, mind you, with his blade drawn, ready to fire. And Wallace spins around, thinking he was being betrayed be the Irishman, but in actuality, that Paddy was there to have his back, and Steven lets go of his blade, and it goes right over Wallace’s shoulder, into the heart of a Scottish rebel, standing behind him waiting to betray him.

So the way I see it, and the way the lads and the lassie see it, and the way the history books should see it, is without that Irishman, William Wallace is dead, 45 minutes in, and Scotland doesn’t get it’s precious freedom!

So Scotland! Get off your kilted arses! Lift your whiskeys to the sky and give thanks to the island to your west that gave you your freedom.

‘Cuz Scotland, you owe us! And it time to pay up!


  1. I love Flogging Molly and have seem them at a local Irish bar here in Phoenix several times. It's always a rowdy time...yeah, baby!

  2. Then you would like these guys, too. Same style of music. Rowdy, rocking and Irish!


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