Monday, February 15, 2010

Presidents' Day

To know what it is like to be a man, they say, is to walk a mile in their shoes.

I have decided, instead, to pay homage to U.S. Presidents past by trying out their hair. Being of "limited follicular density," I am able to assume these 'dos fairly easily, and here they are now for your perusal...

George Washington
Our first president, a brilliant strategist and an inspirational leader, true, but a tragic hairstyle by today's standards.
To think that he led the U.S. Army to independence, wooed and won Martha, and fathered our country with this coiffure as a hurdle to overcome, only underscores the greatness of the man.

Abraham Lincoln
Ol' Honest Abe went on to abolish slavery, popularize the stovepipe hat, and discover Nebraska, all while sporting those ears and without the benefit of a comb! Amazing.

Andrew Jackson
Now THIS is great hair! You can't tell me this this guy wasn't a heartthrob with this mane of chick-magnet locks. If I were to grow back my hair, this is what I would be aiming for. Oh, yeah!
"SIngle file, ladies!"

Now some of you might think that this posting is born simply of me missing my own golden curls, from days back when my dance card was full. And perhaps there is a kernel of truth here, but even still...



  1. HAHA. This was hilarious. And people laughed when I tried on a wig. All hail Chris for opening my doors of wisdom. I am going to give wig trying another go... lol
    Who's next George Bush???

    Have a good day!:)

  2. I shouldn't say this, because I am a heterosexual male (no, really), but you look good as Thomas Jefferson. He did have a nice head of hair, didn't he? :)

  3. I think Jefferson, like General George, was among the "powdered wig" class.
    Although he was among my favorite founder fathers, (with Ben franklin!) and appeared on the now-defunct 2 dollar bill, and had much less identifiable a hairdo.

    Now that Crazy Jackson look, yeah. I am a sexy bitch.

  4. Funny post! Makes you wonder if they let George be the first President because of the bad hair, wooden teeth, fruit tree issues et al. Andrew would have definitely been a TV news anchor or reality show host had there been TV in his day with that -do.


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