Saturday, January 23, 2010

Suburban Headhunters!!!

This past snowstorm brought me a pile of wet, heavy snow, a sore back from shoveling and an excuse to make a snowman, (see previous post, or click here!) of whom I was proud enough to take a picture and post it here, immortalized among the other ruins of my life.

Well, I came home from work the other day and lo and behold! My precious snowman was headless! At first, I assumed it got warm, some meltage was involved, and perhaps his snowy noggin fell off.

But there were no traces of hat, glasses, carrot, anything. To paraphrase the movie Sleepy Hollow, "The head wasn't found severed. The head wasn't found at all!"

However, this type of shit cracks me up. I mean, who would steal a snowman's head? And for what purpose? So senseless. I love that.

So, I decided to join in and shows these Headhunters what senseless was all about.
Et Viola! "The Shrunken Head Snowman!"

Yeah, "too much time on my hands," I know. But c'mon! Who doesn't love a little head?


  1. HiLaRiOuS!!! During the holidays, we had some pranksters in the hood. Every night they would go from house to house to mount all the deer. Wait a second, that doesn't sound right. They would take the buck and mount, that doesn't sound right either. Anyway, I think you get the picture. All the lighted deer were "doing it" within a 10 block radius.

  2. Awesome!

    That must've been one randy neighborhood!
    Especially the houses with those deer that move, (if you know what I mean!)

  3. That's funny stuff! Nothing better than creative vandals - even better, the follow up!


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