Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ten Funkiest Cartoon Themes of the 1970s!

Yeah. I said it, 1970s. I am an old fart.
But this is when I watched cartoons and frankly they were better. These were among the funkier ones from my, (albeit, foggy,) memories.

10. The original "Scooby-Doo, Where Are You." Of course, I am talking the pre-Scrappy version. The opening theme alone was better than just about every episode that starred Scrappy Doo.

9. "Fat Albert." Not only was the theme song cool, "The Gang" would do a tune mid-way through the show, (on bed springs and washtubs and other shit,) that was usually pretty groovy, y'know, to its target audience's sophisticated tastes. Hey, hey, hey!

8. "Hong Kong Phooie." Whoops! Hold on... I just re-listened to this, and despite having Scatman Cruthers on vocals, there is no funk here. Disregard this entry.

7. The Banana Splits! technically not a cartoon, but a cartoon show! The theme song was more 'fun' than 'funk' but DAMN! I wanted one of those Banana-Buggies!

6. "Kimba the White Lion." I'm sorry. I can't get this bouncy little ditty out of my head. It's been a week now. Dear God! Someone help me!

5. "Underdog." Yeah. I said it. Listen for yourself.

4. "Speed Racer." "He's a dmeon and he's gonna be chasin' after someone!" It was really cool to be a kid back then. (But how did nobody ever put together that "Racer X" was actually "Rex Racer", Speed's long lost brother, thought to be dead?)

3. "The Pink Panther."
Okay. Perhaps having a theme song composed by Henry Mancini gives this one an unfair edge.

2. DANGER ISLAND! ("Uh-Oh! Chong-go!) This "Banana Splits" featurette had james Bond-era cool written all over it! And it was a great live-action show for children, too!

1. The absolutely funkiest cartoon theme song ever: The Harlem Globetrotters Show!
Just plain cool.


  1. Great ones! The Banana Splits were my personal favorite from the 70's - also liked Underdog. Speed Racer was cool - but an earlier Japanese animated show with similar looking characters from the 60's is my all time favorite - Gigantor! The Space Age Robot...

  2. My favorite show from that era was "Land of the Lost!" Not a very funky theme song, but Damn! Was that a great Saturday Morning show for a kid!


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