Monday, June 8, 2009

Just a few random thoughts...

I've been a bit pre-occupied lately and thusly I didn't have anything new to write today, so I thought I would just purge a few random nuggets of thought that were rattling around inside my noggin...

1. I think Chinese Alphabits would be more interesting than the English version. With each character being a full word, you could have entire sentences on your spoon.

Kind of like an edible Mad-Libs!

2. I want to make a “Snuggie” made out of “Sham-Wow!” material. It can hold up to 8 two-liter bottles of spilled soda!

3. I kind of wish someone would breed and train gorillas to be matadors. It would make bullfights more interesting. And gorillas in those silly outfit would be funny!

4. Sometimes I just stare at the sky and smile in case of a satellite photo.

5. A list of words I think are dirty but aren’t: “Putin,” (yeah, as in Vladimir,) “Flagellate,” (makes me smirk just writing it,) “Can’t,” (but only when said with a Thurston Howell-like, Harvard accent.) and “expunge,” THAT just sounds absolutely filthy.

6. If we could clone people, then genetically manipulate the DNA to make them the opposite sex... Et viola! Instant Soul mates! What a romantic fool I be!

7. Sometimes, I will swallow a gulp or two of mouthwash. I’ll get just the slightest buzz and my breath is awesome! Double win!

8. Cats love fish but hate water. I love nature’s sense of irony.

9. Every now and again, I like to think an extemely graphic, dirty thought to see if there are any mindreaders in the area. If I catch anyone blushing, I look right at them and say, "Gotcha!"!

10. One time in high school, I tried to pop marijuana seeds like popcorn. Imagine a snack food that gave you the munchies! I thought I was gonna be rich!


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  1. Like the thoughts, but cats don't love fish to eat just to play with.

  2. Ok as promised:You win.Céad míle fáilte romhat!

    And what a lovely site you have :)


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