Saturday, June 27, 2009


Before I launch into today’s diatribe, let me get this out of the way: I am out of touch. I know this. I do not watch the news. I don’t listen to the radio. I don’t read the newspaper. I am “the perfect juror.” 

But my little bubble of narcissistic unreality, (life fully revolving around me without room for the outside world,) is occasionally trespassed upon by others with whom I must deal. And all too often, these individuals want to make small talk, (to soften the blank, soulless stare my face may occasionally assume, I guess.) It is this “small talk” where I get the lion’s share of my awareness of the world, (also, “SNL’s Weekend Update.”) 

Only recently, I became aware of the term, “recessionista,” (with apologies if this term is new to you, too; perhaps you are as out of touch as I am. Alright!) Now, I am aware that there is a recession on, but a style of fashion based upon it? No. New news here. 

For my fellow hermits, shut-ins, and antisocial misanthropes, a recessionista, (the term a portmanteau of “recession” and “fashionista,”) is a person, I am told, who aims for a sense of style on a budget that still proudly reflects the budget he or she is on. 

The crux of this trend, however, is it’s exclusivity. Apparently, there is a theory afoot, that it is the responsibility of the wealthy to spend MORE money in order to stimulate the economy. Ergo, they aren’t entitled to be recessionistas! 

Perhaps I am way too concrete in this, but it would appear that the term “wealthy” requires further definition in this instance. For example, if a person, through their “recessionista-ism” and thrifty wardrobe styles, saves enough of their money to be considered well-off, must that person then abandon their ways of frugality and shop for designer labels at Neiman-Marcus in the name of patriotism?

Beatniks: "Proto-Recessionistas?"

Granted, I am not an economist. Nor am I remotely stylish. But this concept seems to have a built in expiration date, (much like alternative music: if it is good, it becomes popular, if it is popular, it isn’t alternative, so true alternative music must therefore suck in order to stay alternative. But I digress...) As such, it is more than likely doomed to be something people mock and blog about in ten or fifteen years time, (such as Valley Girls, Glam Rock, parachute pants, etc.) 

If this is the case, than, once again, I am WAY ahead of the curve, blogging and mocking now. 


  1. No, Chris. I am a "recessionista", right down to my beaten up, paint splattered denim shorts of 1990's vintage.

  2. There may well be a difference between wearing beaten, old "vintage" clothes and attaining "fashionista-ism."
    I am still new to the term and its particularities, but paint-splattered denim shorts of 1990's vintage seems to fall more into Mr. Krebs' "Beatnik"-style, than one of high fashion...

    Just sayin.'


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