Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Red Sox Pantry

Outside of the ballpark, it used to be sports-related food was that little pink panel of linoleum in your baseball cards. Then Wheaties put sports on you breakfast table, (which led to “Flutie Flakes,” incidentally!) and the line between sports and foods was forever blurred. 

 But the Red Sox! These boys can market! And with an eye on the summer barbeque cuisine, too! Available on the grocer’s shelves currently, (or at least not too long ago,) are some of the following condiments:

Red Sox Hot Sauce, Red Sox Barbecue Sauce, and The Sox Three-Spice Kit, (including “Steak & Rib Rub” “Sweet BBQ Rub “ and Cajun Seasoning.) Also in the Sox pantry are Papi’s Salsa, Dustin Pedroia’s Salsa, and Youks Hot Sauce.

(I thought I’d omit the Pedro’s Salsa and the Manny’s Salsa.)

Red Sox Wines!

Good news, New England vinophiles! Longball cellars unveiled its Red Sox charity wines a couple of years ago with products consisting of Wakefield’s CaberKnuckle Cabernet Sauvignon, Captain’s Cabernet, Sauvignyoouuk Blanc, and Vintage Papi. There is even a hard-to-find Schilling Schardonnay and a Manny Being Merlot, (although I hear that one may contain artificial flavoring!) 

For more on these go to!

These make awesome gifts, by the way. Not that I have given them, but I would REALLY enjoy getting one! So, if any of my family are reading this, I will be hosting a summer shindig and this would be a welcome sight! Captain’s Cab looks especially good.

Me? I am holding out for some nice Red Sox Beers. Wouldn’t a Lugo Lager sound good right now? Maybe a Pedroia Pilsner? A nice Papi Porter? Dice-K Pale Ale? 

Eventually someone will listen to me, (or figger it out on their own,) and every sports bar in Boston will be selling this stuff like it was Crack!

You read it here first, though.

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